4 Key Steps in the Digital Strategy Process

Having a digital strategy is not just a good idea, but is crucial to the survival of your business. Technology has changed the way business is done. Here are 4 steps to ensure that your digital transformation process is a success.

1. Have clear goals

You need to define your digital goals right from the onset. This should be done before any plans begin. Your business goals should not be too generic. While profit is the main objective, your goals should be more specific. They should spell out how you will achieve what you want to achieve. Goals can be defined throughout the different phases of the digital strategy process. Aside from having goals, you need to prioritize because not all goals can be achieved at the same time.

2. Pursue relevant digital channels

There are numerous digital channels that your business can engage in. However, not all of them are relevant and useful for your business. Again, you do not need every channel. It is important to weed out what will not be of value to your business. This helps you to concrete on what can translate into profits in the end. Part of this is knowing who your audience is and where you can find them. If for instance, your business caters to the age bracket of 50 years and above, Snapchat will not be useful in your digital plans. You can concentrate your digital strategy efforts more on Facebook or Email. Streamlining these channels also helps you save on unnecessary marketing costs.

3. Have a content strategy plan

Content remains king even in the face of many changes in the digital arena. The content strategy will include emails, blogs, social media posts and other visual content. Content will be the steering force in your digital marketing efforts. A content strategy should focus on your target audience. The content created needs to appeal and be relevant to your market niche. If you find that email is not effective, be open to trying out other content ideas such as business blogs. The content should also be interesting to prompt your target audience to share it.

4. Monitor and Measure 

The digital strategy process is progressive. To stay on track, you need to monitor and measure your achievements against your set goals. Most of the digital platforms have analytics that you can use to measure how far you’ve come and how successful you are. Ensure that you analyze this information and make the necessary changes. Measuring and monitoring will help to strengthen your digital efforts.

These four steps are crucial towards building and staying on track in your digital marketing efforts. They will act as guiding principles towards achieving digital maturity.

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