4 Reasons to Change Your Door Locks

Home and office locks aim at protecting you against unwanted intruders and keeping your belongings at home and in the office safe. However, with so many things to deal with, it is easy to forget about your home security. Quality and robust front and back door locks give you confidence that you are safe from burglary. Like other things, locks too wear out over time. As such, you need to know when to hire a locksmith to replace your locks apart from when they are broken so that you make sure that you don’t compromise on your security.

1. Moving

Most people quickly forget about door locks when they are moving into a new home because of the hassle of relocating. However, the new home that you have moved into has several unknown keys that can unlock the doors. The previous tenant may have a set of keys as well as his or her relatives and friends. As such, you can hardly know who has keys to the door locks, which is not safe. Therefore, it is paramount to change the door locks of the new house you moved into so that you are guaranteed that you are the only one who has access to your locks.

2. Deterioration of existing locks

Locks are artificial; thus, they are exposed to wear and tear. Even if the locks have been made using durable materials, they will not last forever. However, that doesn’t mean that they die as soon as you install them. Therefore, you should consider hiring a locksmith to change your locks before they get broken or jammed. Some of the warning signs to look out for to know that your locks are worn out include difficulty in opening them or when they easily open on their own.

3. Situation change

Your living situation may change due to an array of reasons. For instance, you may have broken up with someone you were staying with or had a key to your locks, your roommate moved out, or you gave your keys to someone you shouldn’t have. In such situations, it is advisable to change your locks so that you keep unwanted guests out of your house. Besides, your former roommate or house help shouldn’t have access to your locks anymore. Therefore, you need a locksmith to rekey locks or to change your locks if someone who doesn’t need your keys has them.

4. You want a change of style

Most people renovate their homes because they want a change of style. Similarly, people change their locks so that they can have a different style or feel. You can hire locksmith services to improve your existing locks to trendy locks or to adapt to the new lock technology. Also, you can change locks to redecorate your doors.

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