5 Expert Packing Tips

Professional movers know the best way to pack. Their crew is experienced in handling delicate things as well to make a move as pleasant and smooth as possible. Here are a few expert packing tips to help get the best outcome during a long-distance move.

1. Pack Out-of-Session Items First

Experts recommend packing items that are used infrequently first followed by the ones that you will need until the last minute. However, it might be necessary to empty spillable, breakable, and non-transportable items that can damage others or would puncture. Instead, consider packing such things together. For example, do not pack fragile pieces of furniture in the same carton with steel or iron appliances.

2. Pair Your Items

All pairs and parts of things should be packed together. For example, place all small hardware items such as mirror bolts and curtain rod hangers in the same carton and tie them to the box or container to which they belong. It might be necessary to fasten electrical cords so that they do not dangle.

3. Wrap Items Individually

You can use a blank paper, facial tissue, and paper towel for wrapping delicate and crystal items. Wrap small objects that might get lost in a container or box with a colored wrapping paper. For a superb outer wrapping, ask your movers to add a double layer of newsprint. It may also be necessary to place a sheet of crushed paper or clothing in the bottom of a container or box for cushioning.

4. Put the Heaviest Items in the Bottom

Pack the heaviest items on the bottom, then the medium ones, and the lightest on top. That’s one of the basic packing tips that everyone should always remember. Use crushed paper to fill in empty spaces as each layer completes. Add more crushed towel or use sheets of cardboard to level the base for the next layer. Lightweight blankets and towels can also be used for cushioning and padding. The more fragile an item is, the more padding or cushioning is needed. Make sure that all sharp rims, edges, or points are covered.

5. Pack Fragile Things in Separate Boxes

Experts recommend packing fragile things in separate cartons or containers or a few together in cartons with shredded paper for cushioning. Then place the small boxes in a single large box and fill it with clothing or crushed paper. However, do not overload cartons, but fill in spaces with lightweight blankets and crushed documents to prevent fragile items from tilting. The cover of the container or package should close with little force, but make sure it doesn’t bend inward. Your valuables won’t be damaged during a long-distance move if you utilize the right packing criteria. You will also have an easier time unloading them from the truck and unpacking them at your new home.These tips can also be utilized when using long distance or a office mover Calgary.

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