5 Ways to Trim Expenses During Your Next Move

Most people who hire moving services do it for convenience and reassurance. Reputable budget movers near me do their jobs efficiently with little to no risk to your property or home, and all you’ll have to do is supervise the process. Though hiring pros costs more than moving everything yourself, here are a few easy ways to save on your next move.

1. Shopping Around

As with hiring other professionals, it makes sense to shop around when choosing a moving company. Begin with recommendations from coworkers, friends, and family, and make a list of likely candidates. To provide an accurate estimate, the movers will probably need to visit your current home and inventory your belongings. During the estimate, the movers will note any stairs, narrow streets, and other obstacles, as they’ll affect the difficulty of the job. Compare the estimates you receive and be skeptical of bids that are significantly less than the others.

2. Move at the Right Time

Moving crews are busier at the end of the month because most people move at that time. However, you can save even more on budget movers by scheduling your move for the middle of the month. May through September are the busiest months for movers, and if you time your move for the off-season, you’ll be in a better position to negotiate.

3. Cut the Clutter

For many families, moving presents a chance to de-clutter. Stuff that has been hidden for years will suddenly reappear, seeming much less interesting and useful. Now that you are paying the pros to move your property, it may be the right time to take a more minimalistic approach. Many movers charge according to weight, and getting rid of unneeded stuff will help you save.

4. Purchase Packing Materials

Budget movers will gladly provide you with the tape, boxes, and packing materials you need, but it may be costly. Save money by ordering packing and shipping materials online or getting them at no cost.

5. Become More Organized

As you’re packing, label all boxes and inventory their contents. It may be as simple as a written list, a spreadsheet, or a gallery of photos. Before your moving crew arrives, stack the boxes so they’re easily accessible. The faster your movers can get to your stuff, the sooner the job is done.

Moving is a costly and complicated effort even under the best of circumstances, but there are ways to cut costs and simplify the process. By following these tips, you’ll find it easier to stay within your budget.

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