6 Hacks of Personalizing a Wooden Wine Crate

Of course, anyone with friends who love wine would consider appreciating and showing them love with a special gift for an upcoming event. One sure way to light up an occasion is using personalized wooden wine crates. Personalized wooden wine boxes make the wine even more unique, and doing it isn’t costly and complicated. Here are the top tips for customizing and personalizing wooden wine crates for an upcoming occasion.

1. Find the Right Wooden Material

You no longer have to use new wood to make a personalized wooden wine box. Use of fresh, new timber could be the costliest way to create customized crates. Instead, consider relaying a container that you got from the grocery or the old one that you have at home to try to save as much as you can. Old, used wooden wine boxes result in a more personalized wooden box and give it a unique appeal as well. Learn more information at Ekan Concepts, which has more online resources available.

2. Consider Adding a Monogram

Adding a monogram to a wooden wine box is one of the ways to make it attractive. However, personalizing a wine crate is a task that anyone would want to take to a craftsman shop for a professional finish. Investing in customized boxes will show how you appreciate and care about your friends.

3. Wine Selection

Of course, everyone would want to choose a wine that his or her peers love to get the most out of an occasion. Research which wine brand suits your colleagues before deciding to customize your wine crates. Knowing whether the wine is white or red will narrow down your choice and help you make the right selection. The color is the least that anyone would want to know about the wine, but seek to know its name as well if possible.

4. Consider its Purposes

Though the primary purpose of the crate is to pack wine for your friends, the box can be used for other ways as well. For example, a medium-sized container can be used for other purposes, including planting flowers. Look for a sturdy crate that can hold many items in place to try to reduce clutter in your backyard. Uses is one thing that everyone would want to keep in mind when looking for a wine crate.

5. Eco-Friendliness

Using products that are friendly to the environment is one thing that people can do to improve their living standards and make their environment habitable. Your relatives and friends appreciate the fact that they can reuse wooden wine boxes, and that makes the gift even more appealing. Your family members and friends will forever remember you for awarding them with wine crates that don’t endanger their lives. Personalizing wooden boxes for your friends and family ahead of an upcoming occasion is a sure way to make their day.

6. Paint the Crate

Ask your friends whether they have a favorite color or not. If so, paint wooden wine crates with that color to make the occasion a memorable one. The paint will also personalize the container and give an impression by handing it over to your friends and family.

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