6 Tips to Choose the Best Movers for your Short or Long-Distance Move

Moving is a part of life that can easily become a major hassle, but it can also go very smoothly if you choose the best movers Calgary in your area. The six tips below will help you select the perfect moving company for needs in order to make the process as efficient and easy as possible.

1. Start with Referrals

There’s nothing quite as powerful when it comes to choosing a company to handle your precious goods than a true word-of-mouth referral. Searching online can be incredibly daunting. Start by reaching out to friends, co-workers or asking for recommendations via social media on the best movers in town. You’d be surprised how excited people are to share their experiences with you. If you have a real estate agent who is selling your old house, reach out to them to provide expert recommendations.

2. Check for Reviews

You should always start by getting quotes from at least three separate companies. Before you even pick up the phone you should meticulously read online reviews. People are very apt to share their experiences in several digital places. These reviews give you a look into the company’s success rate and can also spark specific questions for the movers when you call for a quote.

3. Find Out What’s Included…and Get it in Writing

The key to a great partnership with a moving company is to make sure you get everything in writing. This should start with the quote for their services. Ask them to itemize exactly what is included. People are often afraid to ask very specific questions. However, you are paying for their services and it is important to have a handle on exactly what is included in your price quote. Many movers often end up padding the bill with things like moving specialty equipment or large furniture pieces.

4. Never Pay a Large Deposit Up Front

It isn’t typical for exceptional moving companies to ask for a large deposit up front. The best movers have faith in their services and will typically ask for a portion prior to the move and a portion after the job is completed.

5. Make Sure the Moving Company is Properly Licensed and Insured

If you are moving out of state or are driving on any major highways, you’ll want to verify that the moving company is properly licensed and that their moving trucks are insured. If something should happen during your move, you will need the company’s insurance information in order to file your claim.

6. Trust your Instinct When it Comes to Red Flags

Finally, always trust your instinct when it comes to red flags. A moving company should be responsive and eager to earn your business. If you have trouble getting ahold of someone or don’t feel the process is professional, that will likely translate to shoddy service during the move

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